Why attend

How to know if this weekend away is right for you

Does this sound like you? 

  • You feel stuck on the treadmill of life that gets faster with each passing year
  • You're beyond exhausted and don't know how much longer you can keep going
  • You're unable to put yourself first without guilt and spend your days buried in a never-ending to do list

Do you need more of this in life?

  • You crave time to simply be and find peace and calm on the inside and out
  • You need to learn how to be kind to yourself without worrying about being selfish
  • You need to connect to truth of who you are, not what you think you "should be" and be inspired by others on a similar journey


This weekend embodies hitting that PAUSE button in life where you get a chance to breathe, think, reflect, rest, eat, sleep and share within a nurturing woman's circle. Expect emotion, expect enlightenment, expect to come away feeling at peace knowing that you have dealt with some of the overwhelm that you carried in.


The power of a safe place, developing deep connections, feel completely supported and a true chance to be 100% vulnerable completely blew away my expectations of what I thought could be achieved in 48 hours.


“The nurturing and strength I got from you both has made a real difference to my mindset. It was the perfect balance of spiritual, clinical and practical - just what I was desperately seeking so thank you.”