The 4 Simple Steps Women take to Banish Overwhelm, Avoid Burnout and Create a Life of Real Balance in 2024

(without sacrificing their success or quitting their jobs)


In just 10mins you're going to discover... 

  • The step-by-step game plan my clients use to win back 5-10 stress-free hours every week... without sacrificing their position, pay or reputation

  • The REAL way to tame your perfectionist, so you double your productivity, get tasks done quicker and can finally 'switch off' the moment you finish work

  • How to shift from being a get sh*t done person, so you feel appreciated and recognised at home AND at work

  • What our clients do to disconnect from work, rediscover how to have fun, and be truly present with their family, even if right now, their workload feels IMPOSSIBLE

  • How to finally put yourself first, without guilt, and end the cycle of burnout that has you thinking of stepping back or quitting work all together

  • And, how all this is possible, even if you've been trying (and failing) to find balance for years

Jo Stone 

Jo is a former senior executive who held large roles in international organisations, all while juggling a young family.

She "had it all" yet found herself doing it all, unfulfilled and trapped in a race with the Joneses. 

Today, she has built a global business, sharing her thousands of hours of coaching experience alongside a practical toolkit that helps ambitious women build a balanced life, without burning out. Jo is also a mum to two girls who are 14 and 10.