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#18: Defying the Odds: 3 Lessons from an Unlikely Victory 

What can we learn from our sports that translates into our everyday life? The answer from Jo's recent netball grand final was: "A lot!"

 Listen in as we recount a thrilling tale of how her team, despite their age and physical limitations, managed to clinch a victory against one of the youngest teams in a high-stakes sporting match. 

This isn’t an episode about the game of netball but rather a wonderful metaphor for how we can defy the odds, embrace our wisdom and really play to our strengths.  

We’ll share how you can ensure that your circumstances, age or injuries don’t define you and how to neutralise threats that could topple you.  We also delve deeper into the power dynamics of the crowd. The crowd can be a double-edged sword. It can propel you to success or thrust you into a tailspin of self-doubt. Drawing from a personal experience of this high-stakes match, we discuss how we often seek the validation of a crowd or others instead of relying on our own inner wisdom. We explore this paradox, highlighting the importance of recognising when to let others' strengths come to the fore and when to trust your inner strengths. 

Here’s what you’ll discover in this episode:

  • Why it’s so crucial to play your own game, especially when the consequences of playing someone else's are drastic
  • What happens when the other team, or someone else, has a trump card that threatens to win the game and ensures that you lose?
  • How to neutralise someone so you don’t fall victim to their shadow
  • How to ride the wave of a crowd and why looking to them for guidance on how you’re doing is very risky
  • A reminder that winning is fun and should be celebrated, all the more when victory was so unlikely!

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