Jo's Success Story

Overcoming perfectionism for an easier life




Jo was a self-confessed perfectionist who made holding down a big job, managing a house and a toddler all look easy. However little did she know this perfectionism was infiltrating every area of her life and the root cause of much of her unhappiness. Watch this video where Jo describes how in a matter of months every aspect of her life has changed and become easier, including reducing her hours, ditching the guilt and finally putting herself first.

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Melissa's Story

Melissa is a successful consultant with 2 grown-up boys yet found herself feeling stuck at work and doubting whether a new job was the solution to her issues. Watch this video to learn how she got her confidence back, stopped stressing over the little things, learned to say no, finally fit in regular exercise and now feels excited about whatever the future holds.


Emily's Story

Emily used to say 'yes' to everything, whether it was more work, looking after the house or putting everyone else first. It's no wonder she felt like she was drowning in quicksand at home and work and despite trying everything felt paralysed and burnt out. Fast forward 8 weeks and her life has changed completely! She's calm, in control and empowered to build the most exciting future.


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