Maya's Success Story

From teary, exhausted and burnt out to calm, happy and thriving


If you'd like to ditch the tears and change your life for the better... then LET'S TALK!


On the surface Maya looked like she had it all. A business that was booming, a good husband, two gorgous girls... and yet underneath she knew she just wasn't happy. She was so full of anger and resentment that she couldn't even put her kids to bed! Watch this video to learn how drastically Maya's life has changed and the exact strategies that have helped her ditch the tears, become calm and finally say she's happy.

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Sian's Story

As a Doctor with two teenagers, Sian was working crazy hours trying to juggle a job in a clinic with growing her own practice in aged care. On top of being exhausted, she wasn't looking after herself and her health was starting to seriously suffer. Watch this video where Sian shares how her decades-old chronic pain has now evaporated, how she's doubled her business while fitting in the gym 4 days per week and how she's handled a recent crisis in a completely different way. 


Karen's Story

Karen loved working and yet despite trying so hard, felt life at home and work was full of tension. She didn't know how to fit in quality time with her kids, nor how to meet her own exceptionally high expectations. Fast forward a few months, and Karen finally achieved peace. She'd redefined success and was even able to look herself in the mirror and say nice things. She now has the tools to know that no  matter what happens, she's going to be ok. Watch this video to hear more about Karen's amazing story.


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