Nicole's Success Story

From lost and resentful to confident and hopeful in just 8 weeks!


If you'd like more happiness and hope in your life... then LET'S TALK!


Nicole was working full-time, doing her PhD and raising teenagers yet she felt lost and her life was ruled by resentment. She'd tried every leadership and coaching program out there but nothing helped her be her best at work and at home. Nicole shares where she is today, how her life has been changed for the better and why she's now hopeful for the future.

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Jennifer's Story

Juggling a stressful job as SVP of HR, a toddler and husband, Jennifer didn't feel like she was doing well in any part of her life. Once her boss pulled her aside and told her she wasn't ok, she decided something had to change. Watch this video where she shares the simple tactic that dissolved her crippling mum guilt, the remarkable turnaround in her health that her doctor couldn't believe and what her colleagues have noticed most about how she's now showing up.


Jade's Story

On the surface Jade had everything - a beautiful blended family, supportive partner, a house - yet on the inside she just didn't feel satisfied and was stuck on the treadmill of life. Being self-aware, Jade knew she'd lost her vivacity and didn't have confidence or energy to build her new consulting business, but had no idea how to fix it because nothing else she tried had worked. Just 8 weeks later, Jade's life has changed in every aspect. She's now got the tools to grow her thriving business and feel like her vivacious self again regardless of the busyness around her.


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