Empowering ambitious women to create lives with better balance 

Without stepping back or burning out


Build confidence

Step up at work, seize opportunities and unlock potential

Become present

Enjoy quality time with the kids and ditch the brewing resentment

Create time

Prioritise yourself, find calm and build a life that makes you happy 

Does this sound like you?

Are you capable of so much more at work but find despite working longer and harder it's just not happening?
Do you feel like you're drowning in quicksand and never get on top of the never-ending to-do list?
Are you neglecting your relationship and find resentment brewing between you?
Do you put yourself last and despite being busy still feel like you're not doing anything well?

It doesn't have to be this way!


Instead... imagine if...

You felt confident to lean into work, knowing you add value and can take on more opportunity...
You live a life that is calm, peaceful and where you control how you feel each day...
You could be present with the kids and actually enjoy the weekends without yelling...
You get clarity on who you are, what you want to do and finally believe you are enough...

It is possible... once you know how!

Want better balance in your life?

Watch this free training where I share the exact shifts ambitious women are using to create work/life balance, without stepping back or burning out.


Hi there! I'm Jo

Mum of 2 girls, wife and business owner, I'm unashamedly ambitious, a recovering perfectionist and love this amazing life I have created! 

I enjoyed a long career as a senior executive in the corporate world managing large teams across Asia Pacific, before launching a coaching and consulting business. I get the pressure and politics that comes with big roles and know that it takes a special women to rise up the ranks.

I've always been the breadwinner for my family and could never imagine not working. It wouldn't have been possible though, without the support of hubby who's been part-time or stay-at-home for the last 10 years. I call him my unicorn husband because he does all the cooking, washing and kid-wrangling and puts up with my incessant chatter about work!

I know first-hand the struggle of living a life that bucks convention. Like many high achievers, I have high standards of myself but in recent years have learned not to let these throttle my ability to have fun.

The Balance Institute was born out of my frustration at the isolated focus of traditional coaching and leadership programs on work as a silo. For women like us, it's impossible to separate work from life and having learned the skills I needed to build this life, I was determined to shortcut the path for others. This life can be a lonely one, so I also wanted to build a community of like-minded women where it's ok to be ambitious, to want to work and to have a family 

My greatest privilege is to spend my days helping fellow ambitious women live a blissful life, where they're in control of their time and mind and get to have it all, instead of doing it all.

Unlike any leadership program out there, this is a unique coaching program that blends personal experience, specially crafted content and practical tools and strategies, all designed to help ambitious women be their best at work and at home.

How we help ambitious women...

Online Group Coaching Program

Easy to consume online modules that deliver bite-sized content over 12 weeks, combined with weekly Q&A calls and private one-on-one sessions. It's structured to deliver maximum breakthroughs as fast as possible

Simple, practical tools & strategies

A toolkit inspired by some of the best minds in the world and built specifically for ambitious women. It's grounded in personal experience, is practical to implement and is designed to fit into busy lives


Community of like-minded women

In here you find your tribe, a group of fellow ambitious women where you can be vulnerable, share your struggles and celebrate your triumphs. There's immense power knowing you're not alone!

"I can’t overstate how life-changing this course is and what a pivotal time in my life it has come. I will refer to your lessons for life! I have more confidence, am much calmer and know that I have the power within to make the life I want!" - Emily

What you'll learn...

The program is based on a strategic framework specifically designed to empower ambitious women to thrive in all areas of their life.

FOCUS: Prioritise the most important areas of life, understand where we are really spending our time and learn time management techniques that actually work

BELIEFS: Uncover what's really holding us back, let go of guilt, anger and resentment and understand what's really driving our behaviour and that of those around us

COMMUNICATE: Become a person of influence who makes things happen, better share the mental load and embrace your own unique leadership style

"This program has changed my life! I never imagined what was possible in such a short time" - Nicole

What makes this different?

This isn't just another leadership program, or coaching that involves writing down your feelings. Looking at your life from a holistic perspective is the missing link and reason why nothing else seems to stick. Most women have tried everything - coaching, psychologists, books and podcasts - but this was the first thing that drove lasting change and has helped them build the life they truely want. 


But... does it work?

Without question YES!

The majority of women credit this program for completely changing their lives and finally making them happy for the first time ever. The positive changes are felt in every aspect of their lives from being more confident at work, calmer at home, more present with the kids, better connected to their partner and most importantly, like they've come home to themselves. 

We can help women who...

Are ambitious and want to work. It doesn't matter how often, what matters is that you love working and your career is a big part of your life.

Are parents, or want to be soon! The challenge of balancing all the parts increases in complexity when children are involved.

Have had enough and want a more holistic way to bring balance, calm and happiness back into your life that doesn't burn you out.

This is not for you if...

Career isn't a big part of your life or you'd rather be home with the kids. This tribe is united by our ambition and is a safe place to lean in without judgement.

You want to keep going with the latest books, podcasts and mini-courses, expecting lasting change. It's clear these don't work for us.

You want to keep things the way they are and plan to work your way out of your current situation, hoping things might change one day.

Time for better balance?

Contact us today to find out how you can lean into your career, without sacrificing your family or burning out. Life is too short to just survive. You deserve to thrive, be happy and live a life of bliss.