Don't go part-time!

Don't go part-time!

Don't go part-time!

I know it feels like the only way to get space for you, to get through the endless to-do list and to make it to 9pm without feeling like you've lead in your eyelids.

But after working with thousands of ambitious women and seeing the traps they fall into, if you answer yes to any of the below then DO NOT GO PART-TIME UNTIL YOU FIX THEM!

I share this because I've had 3 women in the last 2 days say they're at the end of their tether and it seems like dropping back to part-time is the only way to cope.

Here's where things go south...

These women haven't learned to hold boundaries yet...
This means they're still going to work on their day off without getting paid for it! What's even worse, is that they're going to feel guilty about it, either because they know they 'shouldn't be doing it' or because they 'don't want to let the team down.' 

These women haven't learned to disconnect yet...
Which means they're still going to think about work on their day off. They'll then beat themselves up, get resentful at someone who contacted them when they shouldn't and then yell at the kids for leaving a bag in the hallway.

These women haven't learned to focus yet...
Dropping a day rarely means your workload drops by anything close to 20%. While their perfectionist still rules the roost, they'll continue to procrastinate, jumping from task to task, feeling like they're even more behind and never get to what matters.

These women haven't built unshakable confidence yet...
The need to 'prove they've still got it' while working reduced hours will rear its ugly head and these women will lean into trying to get more stuff done, not realising that exacerbates all the above challenges and erodes their confidence. Unshakable confidence isn't related to how many hours you work or how much you get done. It's built from the inside out and completely changes the game.

If you, hand on heart, can say you have:

  • Solid boundaries
  • Learned the art of disconnecting and being present
  • Tamed your perfectionist and procrastinator so you can focus
  • Built unshakable confidence 

and want to go part-time, then I wish you all the best. You will enjoy the extra space, you'll continue to crush it at work and have a life of balance.

If you can't say yes to all of the above, then we need to talk! Going part-time is not the answer, it will only make things worse and you'll now deprive yourself of the financial means to make it better! 

Let's be really clear, before my head is put on a skewer. I fully support part-time work. I think it can work for everyone and be wonderfully beneficial when it's done right.

I don't support part-time work when I see a woman being set up to fail. Of course, structures and expectations need to be set within an organisation's culture, however, the more important work needs to be done by you!

Work doesn't make you a perfectionist. Work doesn't demand that you think about them at 3am. Work doesn't make you worried that Sophie from Finance might think you were too abrupt in that last email.

This is all you. And it's on you to change it. Part-time, or full-time!

If you're already talking about going part-time, in any capacity, or even considering quitting all together, book in a discovery call with my team and let's assess where you are.

We have a toolkit that will ensure you can continue to have a successful career 
and a wonderful personal life - regardless of how many hours you should choose to work. Let's jump on the phone and we can show you how this could be the shift you need, while making you 20% more salary!