Finding the monster lurking under your bed

Finding the monster lurking under your bed

Do you remember lying in bed as a child, terrified of the monster in the corner of your room? The one which morphed into different shapes and your imagination came up with all the ways it would come and eat you?

If it all got too much, you'd yell out for a parent to come and get rid of the monster. 

What did they do in that moment? That moment when your mind was running wild and you were drowning in fear.

They turned on the light.

"Oh. Is that all," you'd say.

It's just a pile of toys. Maybe it's the curtain. But it's nothing like what you thought it was. You then lie back down and go straight to sleep.

This exact same process is going on inside your brain right now!

Instead of being a monster, that thing in the corner that is dominating your brain is a belief that you're not good enough. Or that you need to be liked. Or that you can't let people down. Or that you don't deserve success.

Whatever your unique blend of monster is, it has you paralysed and is driving a huge amount of your behaviour and hence your results.

But I'm a grown woman. I know monsters aren't real.

Yes, but this equation proves otherwise. This equation has changed my life and it's the reason changing your mindset can literally change your life.

Thoughts = Feelings = Behaviour = Results

If I'm thinking that I'm not good enough to speak up in a leadership team meeting because I don't deserve to be there, that's going to drive feelings of fear. It is from this emotion that I'm going to behave, which will keep me from sharing my perspectives. No surprise, I'm probably not going to be noticed by the people who matter.

Instead, imagine if I knew I was good enough to be in my role. I felt confident and from this place I share my perspective with the room in a way that everyone understands. I am noticed by the people who matter and respected for my expertise.

We like to think we don't have these limiting beliefs, but we all do. Just like your parents did, only once you turn on the light to see what's lurking are you able to move forward and build the type of life that you want.

What monster is lurking in your brain and what might be unleashed if you were to see it for what it really is?