The missing piece in your burnout toolkit

The missing piece in your burnout toolkit

I know what it feels like when your toolkit stops working.

When I was on the edge of burnout, I was using every trick in the book, yet nothing seemed to work.

Here's what I was leaning into the most:


Everyone raved about it, and I believed in the benefits, so once a day, I would dutifully put in my headphones and try to stop the raging torrent that was my brain. I would usually finish even more frustrated that I couldn't control my thoughts and forgot to buy bananas that day.

Time blocking
I knew I was constantly interrupted by my team or ping of some description but struggled to create the space in my day for the stuff that mattered. I often found myself dealing with everyone else during the day, and the time I ended up blocking out was 10pm - 12am on the couch once everyone went to bed.

Waking up early
I'd read that the most successful people got up at 5am every day, so I tried that too for a while! I failed to realise that most of those so-called successful people only had themselves to worry about, and I often found myself squeezing in an extra load of laundry before the kids got up. When you're regularly going to bed at 12am, 5 hours isn't enough sleep.

Taking care of myself
I booked in haircuts, the odd massage and a catch-up with a girlfriend, but struggled to find the space, between work and the kids, for regular me-time that wasn't scheduled. Even when I did take time for myself, the hassle of what I had to do before and afterwards made me question its worth.

Have you tried to do any of these?

What I didn't know was that these tools are like the icing on the cake. They only work if you've done the work that sits beneath them.

Meditation works when you've learned how to disconnect from your day and let go of any emotions that are still festering.

Time blocking works, when you've learned to say no, hold boundaries and decide what's really the most important thing that day.

Getting up early works when you can get to bed at 9pm and have solid habits that can't be highjacked by laundry! 

Taking care of yourself works when you've separated your self-worth from your to-do list and know how to let go of guilt.

Can you see the challenge here? We've spouted these strategies, but no one is teaching women how to build strong foundations so they actually work!

Only once you've got these foundations, will you feel any shift from these or other strategies at a surface level.

I have to ask... how is your toolkit?

Are you still beating yourself up for not being able to shift things when you didn't even know you were missing the most important pieces of the toolkit?

Time to stop!

I have built the toolkit you need that will ensure any new strategies you apply are actually going to yield results.

You're too busy to waste time messing around with what doesn't work.

Book a free discovery session with me and let's see which pieces are specifically missing for you and we can talk about how to close the gap.

Before you know it, you'll be blocking out your meditation time (if that floats your boat) and feeling a whole lot better!

P.S. In case you're wondering, the real tools you need aren't from a textbook. There are so few women ahead of us who have figured this out. But the good news is, I have. Book your call and let's stop wasting time.